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Unplugged unveils specs for its UP Phone, featuring an OS-level data privacy center and physical killswitch

Unplugged readies its flagship physical product release with key hardware installations that include a 108-megapixel camera, 256 GB of storage, and a physical killswitch to add an additional security layer

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Tel Aviv, September 26, 2023Unplugged, the company focused on bringing true privacy and security to everyday consumer communications through hardware and software, begins production of its proprietary UP Phone. The UP Phone’s dedicated privacy center enables users to toggle built-in OS-level controls, featuring an “enhanced privacy mode” that instantaneously fortifies the device and privacy exposure across apps, software, and hardware. Unplugged’s flagship product represents the company’s first physical product release, with the first UP Phones going to investors who placed pre-orders.

Americans have gotten so used to reports of data-privacy infringement that most people haven’t even heard about the ACLU unearthing thousands of pages on how multiple U.S. government bureaus sidestep our Fourth Amendment right by buying access to massive quantities of cell phone location information from apps. This has become routine, and most citizens unfortunately wouldn’t even bat an eye to hear about this violation. With limited options outside of a handful of big tech players available, Americans and people around the globe don’t even know how to begin using tools to protect their privacy.

Unplugged fills the gap with its UP Phone, empowering consumers to reclaim their right to privacy in daily communications, free from unwanted monitoring and data collection prevalent among today’s smartphone makers. As Unplugged’s flagship product, the smartphone embodies the values of security, privacy, and freedom to bring its users an alternative to tech giant offerings. The surveillance-free phone will not contain Google Mobile Services or AdID which retail marketers use to track every aspect of our lives. Slated for release in late 2023, current and future pre-orders will now receive a device with key hardware features, including:

  • Camera

The UP Phone features a 108-megapixel camera, enabling users to enjoy taking photos at maximum resolution and recording video content at 4K quality, matching or exceeding the capabilities of major competitors.

  • Enhanced privacy mode

Using a dedicated side button, the UP Phone’s enhanced privacy mode activates a suite of protective features which include an always-on VPN, ad-blockers, and a firewall to thwart intrusive ads and data trackers. The device restricts permissions to access Bluetooth, NFC, microphone, and camera only to the user’s whitelisted apps, minimizing data leak risks. Aside from Unplugged’s system-level operational apps, users must approve any non-whitelisted apps that attempt to access the internet. The USB port can also become restricted to “charging only” to sever data transfer.

The full roster of features within the enhanced privacy mode will be released throughout the beta process, with further additions slated to be onboarded within the coming months.

  • Physical kill-switch 

Software-based kill-switches have been a part of mobile phone security measures for some time. Unplugged’s physical killswitch empowers users to sever power to all sensors and processors, preventing any and all data flow to or from the phone.

  • RAM & Storage 

The UP Phone debuts with a RAM of 8 GB and 256 GB of device storage capacity to create a buildable foundation for its performance capabilities, which includes a compatible SD card port to support additional storage.

  • Carrier Compatibility 

The UP Phone is now compatible with all major U.S.-based mobile carriers. This compatibility expansion grows the user base that can utilize the UP Phone for all their communication needs.

  • SIM card support

The UP phone supports dual SIM cards to allow users to conveniently separate their work and private data. The phone is also able to support eSIMs which removes the need for using a physical SIM.  

In addition to wireless charging, the hardware features Unplugged incorporated into the UP Phone complement the software abilities of its LibertOS operating system, bringing a secure framework to users seeking a path away from tech giant oversight. The upcoming release of the smartphone follow the recent launch of Unplugged’s privacy-focused App Suite, which is available to download on all Android devices.

“With the release around the corner, we’ve been receiving really important feedback from our users and the features that mean the most to them,” says Ryan Paterson, President of Unplugged. “We’ve worked tirelessly to implement exciting new features to our flagship product, which will provide our community with a sophisticated smartphone capable of providing the highest degree of privacy, security, and freedom for all their daily communications.”


About Unplugged

Unplugged is a software and secure smartphone solution designed to protect users from interception, hacking, and to keep data where it belongs, in your hands only. The UP App Suite encompasses a software roster that prioritizes privacy, security, and freedom above all else. These selections include the secure UP Messenger, the UP Store, with a world-class VPN, and proprietary UP Anti-Virus. Unplugged’s UP Phone is the next frontier in mobile hardware built with privacy by design, unlocking secure and unrestrained technology for all. To learn more, please visit


Ryan Paterson - President of Unplugged
Eran Karpen - CTO and Co-Founder of Unplugged

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