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testFRWD unveils identyME to certify at-home COVID tests and reopen tourism

The company’s identyME app leverages AI to certify at-home tests and requires no medical training, offering an immediate solution to the administrative hurdles travelers and revelers face when proving they are COVID-free

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Vienna, September, 2021 testFRWD, the Austrian startup providing AI-powered solutions for self-certifying COVID-19 tests, launches identyME app in Austria and Germany, the two countries spearheading the global push for green-lighting AI-based certification. The app taps QR codes and advanced AI to verify users as they collect samples for their COVID-19 tests, enabling easy and swift certification of at-home testing. Designed to revitalize the travel and events industries, identyME slashes the cost of test certification to €1, down from €20 paid by EU governments to other certificate providers.

As COVID-19 appears set to remain for years to come—if not forever—rigorous testing is a key condition for borders and tourism to safely reopen. Today a traveler looking to visit one of the reopening EU states must hold a recent negative test unless they have a valid vaccination certificate or proof of recovering from the virus. Similarly, testing comes front and center with key events, such as the Tokyo Olympics, where athletes will be tested daily. To get a valid test result, however, one often has to travel to a certified site with their ID, have the samples collected by trained medical staff, and pay a hefty sum for the official certificate. Besides the general inconvenience, this has also resulted in a booming black market of forged test results and vaccine certificates.

testFRWD tackles this challenge by making testing as easy, frictionless, and fast as possible. The process begins with the user scanning the QR code printed on every compatible at-home testing kit to prevent fraud and counterfeits. Then, to sign up, the user must upload their picture and an image of their ID card to confirm their identity. The user then collects the samples—a process that only takes minutes and requires no medical training—before their phone’s camera. From there, depending on the test type, it takes between 15 minutes (antigen) and one day (PCR) to get the certified result.

The app relies on an advanced AI, developed with the help of testFRWD’s partner Yoti, a UK company whose biometrics and image-based verification solution supports IDs issued by over 195 countries, to verify the user. Its multi-layered security protocol includes digital identity verification, a facial recognition check matching the user’s face with that on the submitted government-issued ID document, and timestamp control. AI also reads the result from certain test kits. The app currently supports antigen and PCR tests, with work on antibody tests underway, and offers third-party developers a robust API for easy integration. 

identyME had already been trialed in Vienna in a successful testing campaign that saw up to 400.000 PCR samples processed per day. The solutions and protocols utilized by the testFRWD app are fully compliant with the standards unveiled by the International Commission for Digitalisation and Standardisation of Testing and automated Health Checks (ICDS) during its summit in late April. The summit saw the panel hammer out key guidelines for COVID testing and digital certification. 

“By launching the identyME app, we challenge the established testing market with a smart and affordable solution,” says Veit-Ander Aichbichler, Co-Founder and CEO at testFRWD. “Mass testing is set to remain a part of our reality in the wake of the pandemic, and by making certified at-home tests accessible, frictionless, and fast, we are helping keep people safe without infringing on their lifestyles.”

“As the world emerges from lockdowns and loneliness, our app is built to empower a swift and safe return to normalcy,” says Hennes Weiss, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of testFRWD. “It offers governments, venues, and airlines a way to make testing as affordable, easy, and convenient as possible, while also giving people a chance to reconnect and vent some steam off by going to a live show or concert, or heading abroad.”  


About testFRWD:

Founded at the peak of the pandemic in Austria, testFRWD built an AI-enabled platform for at-home COVID-19 testing and certification. Its identyME app relies on a multi-component security architecture incorporating QR codes, digital fingerprinting and facial recognition to prevent fraud and use of counterfeit test kits. It supports multiple test types, including rapid antigen tests delivering the results in just 15 minutes, and has already been proven effective in a pilot run in Vienna. The platform was designed to make mass testing more accessible and frictionless and bolster the travel and event industries, badly hit by the pandemic. For more info, visit

About identyME:

identyME is an app developed by testFRWD, an Austrian self-certified COVID-19 testing platform, in partnership with Yoti, a London-based digital identity company. The app is the first solution built on the standards by the International Commission for Digitalisation and Standardisation of Testing. By using its advanced AI capabilities, including facial recognition, the app verifies the user’s identity as they record themself using a compatible test kit and issues a certified result. While making at-home testing as simple and frictionless as possible, it also features robust security functionality to prevent fraud and counterfeits. For more info, visit   



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