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Sonarax ultrasonic solutions turns hands-on devices touchless amid coronavirus restrictions

Designed as an immediate solution to help prevent COVID-19 transmission through shared surfaces, the company’s ultrasonic connectivity software uses mobile phones to replace human touch

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Haifa, IsraelMay, 2020Sonarax Technologies, the ultrasonic connectivity company, announces the availability of its new touchless solutions for adherence to coronavirus-era public health safety regulations. Hospitals, multi-residential buildings, enterprises, factories, and hotels all require immediate solutions that comply with regulations while maintaining business continuity and on-premise security. Sonarax’s solutions, powered by ultrasonic technology, lead the charge by replacing human touch with mobile phones in all industries.

Think of your daily routine and the nonstop physical contact with your surroundings it entails, from your favorite cafe to the metro or bus, all the way to your 40-story office building, where you push the elevator button to reach your floor, use your palm on an entrance reader to enter, and press your finger onto a touchpad to record your attendance. What about restroom and kitchen breaks? The fridge handle, soda bar, and your afternoon snack from the grocery store all require physical contact, including exchanging cash or swiping your card and using a shared pen to sign. Today, Sonarax announces that all these daily actions can be performed on the user’s own mobile phone through the company’s ultrasonic connectivity protocol.

Sonarax’s technology uses ultrasonic audio waves to transfer data between devices equipped with a speaker. This enables standard mobile phones to exchange data ultrasonically with any device outfitted with a speaker, as are most touchpads on access-control and attendance devices, for example. Sonarax enables everyday actions like making payments, as well as accessing rooms and resources, all to be performed via the user’s mobile phone. The solutions require only that the Sonarax SDK (Software Development Kit) be integrated with existing mechanism and gateway apps.

Sonarax’s touchless solutions include, but are not limited to:

1) Secure Entrance Access: 

Sonarax’s Touchless Entrance Access Control solution enables entrance codes to be sent to access control devices, allowing users to access buildings, offices, and rooms through their personal mobile phones, all while maintaining top-notch security. Users replace their hand, fingerprint, or magnetic keycard with their own mobile device, meaning they no longer have to touch the pad that a multitude of other people have touched all day long to access a room or resource.

2) Social Distance Keeper:

Sonarax’s Social Distance Keeper assists in following public health regulations that require a 2-meter distance between individuals during the coronavirus epidemic. Users simply download the app, give microphone permission, and rest assured they’re following regulations and doing their part in the fight to flatten the curve. The app uses ultrasound technology that is beyond the human hearing range, constantly monitoring to ensure the 2-meter barrier has not been breached and alerting the user when someone is getting too close. 

3) Touchless Keypad Time Attendance:

A reimagined time-clock experience built for workforce management during social distancing regulations and beyond. Sonarax’s Touchless Keypad Time Attendance solution serves as an alternative to biometric-fingerprint or keypad-push buttons. Instead of tapping a personal employee code or placing a finger or hand on a biometric attendance reader, Sonarax’s solution relies only on the users’ mobile phones. 

Sonarax’s ultrasonic technology is safe, private, secure, and hygenic. Connectivity is completely “offline,” and is entirely software-based. The technology doesn’t rely on an NFC phone, Bluetooth pairing, or even the cellphone network. Furthermore, the audio data signals sent between devices are inaudible to humans.

“Helping to slow down or stop the virus transmission risks involved in sharing touchpads, whether for gating access or making payments, is our greatest motivator in making this technology available,” says Uri Heller, CEO of Sonarax Technologies. “Flattening the curve through everyday social distancing practices is what all communities are striving for, and institutions and enterprises are looking for practical answers now, answers that don’t require heavy investments or major retooling of their existing systems. We’re here to provide those answers.”







About Sonarax Technologies

SONARAX is a deep-tech ultrasonic connectivity company that has developed the most advanced
data-over-ultrasound solution enabling secure, machine-to-machine connectivity. The ultrasonic
software empowers touchless solutions, location-based services, access control, contactless  payments, secure authentication tokens, indoor positioning and social distancing keeper technologies.

Sonarax has certified embedded audio-processing DSP integrations to semiconductor leaders such as Cadence©️, Ceva©️ and DSP Group©️ as well as to smart speakers’ maker, Knowles©️. Sonarax’s award-winning and proprietary IP is well recognized by leaders in the academy and industry.


Uri Heller, CEO of Sonarax Technologies

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