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ShelterZoom brings its Document GPS solution to 1,000+ resellers via Cranel partnership

Cranel Inc. bolsters its product offering with ShelterZoom’s Web3 smart-document technology bolstering cybersecurity and business resilience to empower organizations to securely control and track their sensitive data

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New York, May 2023ShelterZoom, a leading blockchain-based, smart document SaaS provider, partners with Cranel Inc., a U.S.-based distributor of document-management software and hardware solutions, to provide the latter’s network of value-added resellers with the Document GPS solution. As a technological solution using blockchain security to protect, control, and track attachments, Document GPS provides Cranel’s network of more than 1,000 resellers with a product that gives businesses and organizations across all industries, with specialized focus on the healthcare ecosystem, an easy and convenient way to safeguard their sensitive data and patient medical records. 

In today’s cloud-based business environment, all organizations are vulnerable to cyberattacks in the form of business-email compromise (BEC). These attacks threaten all cloud-based organizations and have cost organizations $43 billion in losses since 2016. In the past few years alone, over 90% of healthcare organizations have experienced serious data breaches, with 57% experiencing more than five each. Theft of sensitive data from BEC attacks and other breaches threaten all organizations, and companies often have trouble surviving, let alone resuming normal operations. 

Through the partnership with ShelterZoom, Cranel will add Document GPS to its technology roster, leveraging the smart-document platform to offer its massive network of value-added resellers the premier secure blockchain-based solution for managing sensitive content. Cranel will repackage ShelterZoom’s Document GPS to service a wide range of industries, placing special focus on those within the healthcare and financial services ecosystems.

Document GPS leverages blockchain technology to securely tokenize content for protecting ownership of original work. With Document GPS, documents or other file types can be sent securely, empowering organizations to track the content they send out and revoke access even after the recipient has opened the shared material. The solution can also prohibit downloads, significantly reducing cyberattacks, excessive carbon emissions and data pollution from the repeated uploading and downloading of tens of billions of documents being sent daily. 

“We are extremely excited to partner with Cranel, one of North America’s biggest master distributors of technology solutions,” says Chao Cheng-Shorland, CEO and Co-Founder of ShelterZoom. “By adding Document GPS to its portfolio of product offerings, Cranel’s many enterprise clients gain access to an innovative solution that provides any business with a secure, transparent, and eco-friendly platform to comfortably and conveniently share and own sensitive information.”

“The addition of ShelterZoom’s Document GPS creates opportunities for our partners to offer an innovative, cloud-based document security solution,” shares Craig Wallace, President of Cranel. “Document GPS is the easiest way for organizations focused on security to encrypt email attachments, as well as control the ability of users to download or share their email attachments, even after they’ve pressed ‘send.’ Document GPS’s convenient dashboard shows users at a glance who has viewed, downloaded or shared each file.”  


About ShelterZoom:

ShelterZoom is a leading provider of enterprise-level blockchain-based smart documents, smart contracts, and blockchain API integrations. The blockchain-based SaaS company was founded in 2017 and serves enterprises of all sizes and industries, including healthcare, financial, government agencies, law firms, non-profits, publishing, academia, and real estate. ShelterZoom’s suite of tools are integrated with its trademarked-Single Source of Truth technology which helps prevent data leaks and breaches while significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. 

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About Cranel Inc.

Cranel’s distribution business provides technology solutions to enterprise content management value-added resellers, independent software vendors, office equipment dealers, and check automation businesses. Cranel delivers a solid technology portfolio, product and business expertise, and exceptional services from a team of skilled professionals dedicated to customer business advancement. 

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Chao Cheng-Shorland - Co-Founder & CEO at ShelterZoom
Allen Alishahi - Co-Founder & President at ShelterZoom
Dani Leca - VP Engineering & Product at ShelterZoom

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