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OVER integrates Sandbox assets into its Metaverse platform

Geo-localized Metaverse and NFT platform OVER brings interoperability to the Metaverse starting with Sandbox

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Udine, Italy, May 2022OVER, a decentralized Metaverse platform curating geolocalized AR/VR experiences, announces an updated version of its app interface and functionality that includes the integration of Sandbox assets on its platform. The OVER app update enables NFT holders to move their Sandbox NFTs throughout the OVER platform.

In the real world, people can carry their physical assets from one place to another. It doesn’t quite work like that in the Metaverse. NFTs or other digital assets can’t simply be taken from one platform to another, yet, presenting a challenge to the industry goal of unifying experiences among digital worlds.  

To tackle this challenge, OVER developers update the app’s interface, allowing Sandbox users to control their NFTs on OVER’s platform. OVER publishes a standard that any creator can follow to onboard their 3D-rigged assets, making them automatically usable on its platform. The new version of OVER now allows users to invite friends without leaving the application, providing new opportunities for collaboration and interaction between NFT fans.

OVER is a community-owned Metaverse utilizing NFTs to create a bridge between the digital and physical worlds through advanced geolocation. OVER users have already scanned over a million locations and landmarks as part of its “Pokemon Go”-styled treasure hunt. The platform doesn’t require a lidar or other expensive hardware, but rather just a standard smartphone camera. 

“Interoperability, or the lack thereof, is one of the main problems plaguing the Metaverse industry,” says Davide Cuttini, OVER’s CEO and Co-Founder. “The Sandbox is one of the largest and most influential platforms in the space, and we are very thrilled to enable the integration of their assets with our Metaverse world. We are continuing to facilitate interoperability with other platforms going forward, in line with our vision of building an open and decentralized cross-platform experience.”


OVER is a world-scale, open-source AR platform powered by Ethereum Blockchain and based in Italy. OVER makes it possible for users to delve into a metaverse of location-based live interactive augmented reality experiences through their mobile device or smart glasses. OVER sets the new standard in augmented reality experiences by building the first content browser where the available AR/VR experiences are tied to the user’s location. OVER adopt the open-source philosophy, meaning that the entire OVER community contributes to its growth, thus making the platform-independent of its creators. For more information, visit


Davide Cuttini - CEO and Co-Founder
Diego Di Tommaso - COO and Co-Founder

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