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OCTOPUS provides proven COVID-19 solution for opening the U.S. through Convergint partnership

OCTOPUS’s cloud-based platform, which has reduced infection rates in COVID red zones in Israel, will now be available for U.S. businesses and schools to screen employees and visitors, facilitating a safer reopening

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Bnei Brak, Israel – October 2020OCTOPUS Systems, the integrated Command and Control platform, partners with Convergint Technologies, the global service-based systems integrator, to provide an employee and visitor screening solution to U.S. businesses and schools. The system will enable a safer reopening of the economy, offering situation awareness and control to those in charge of health and safety during and after the pandemic.

As businesses and municipalities worldwide struggle with how to safely reopen, the use of modern technologies is imperative. Various contact tracing, screening, and other technologies are available for implementation. The challenge, however, lies in integrating these multiple, separate systems and aggregating the data for greater situational awareness. This process can help greatly to reduce COVID-19 infection rates in schools and workplaces as people begin to repopulate. In the Israeli city of Bnei Brak, a densely populated city of 200,000 that was hit hard by the pandemic, OCTOPUS provided a fully-integrated solution that assisted in quashing the first wave of the virus. Now, the company brings its technology to the U.S.

OCTOPUS’s command and control system is a platform for orchestrating many different systems, ranging from cybersecurity and physical security to fraud protection and more. It integrates all these systems and databases seamlessly and consolidates them into a common operating platform. This aggregation enables smart screening and monitoring as restrictions are eased, and as person-to-person interaction returns to pre-pandemic rates.

The solution uses a mobile app to screen individuals for symptoms and other risk factors before they even arrive at supervised facilities. After users fill out a survey based on defined parameters, the app generates a QR-code granting access to the facility for those that pass the screening. The procedure eliminates the need for sick individuals to arrive somewhere only to be sent home, which in turn reduces the risk of infecting others.

Upon a person’s arrival at a monitored facility, the system uses thermal scanners to perform an initial body temperature assessment following FDA recommended guidelines, disabling the user’s credentials if anomalies are detected until verified by a secondary process, as recommended by CDC/FDA guidelines. The system then presents predefined workflows to handle specific situations. All processes are touchless to further minimize the risk of virus transmission.

Stakeholders have access to the data from a web-based dashboard that visualizes employee status down to the facility and shifts for faster, more informed decision making.

“We are excited to partner with Convergint,” says Tal Bar Or, CEO of OCTOPUS Systems. “Our system is already battle tested, and we are thrilled to now have the opportunity to deploy in many more places across the U.S. We are confident in the solution and look forward to assisting in facilitating the safer reopening of businesses and schools.

“Partnering with OCTOPUS presents new opportunities for us and our customers,” says Scott Frigaard, who leads Smart+Safe City efforts for Convergint Technologies’ Advanced Solutions Team. “The system gives us the ability to integrate all the available technologies we have at our disposal and leverage them at a time when it couldn’t be more important. Enabling the maximum utilization of existing systems is key right now, and OCTOPUS allows for just that.” 


About OCTOPUS Systems

OCTOPUS Systems offers a customizable integrated command and control platform which allows organizations to efficiently manage all assets, technologies, manpower, procedures, and compliance in emergency situations, from one centralized database. The system allows for a holistic, 360º-view, of security events, with more than 350 integration possibilities of physical and IT devices. OCTOPUS Systems is currently employed by more than 300 big organizations spanning more than 27 countries. For more information, visit  

About Convergint

Convergint Technologies is a $1 billion global, industry-leading systems integrator that designs, installs, and services electronic security, fire alarm, and life safety systems. The company’s top priority is service in every way – service to customers, colleagues, and community. Delivering value through unparalleled customer service and operational excellence has been foundational at Convergint. For more information, visit


Tal Bar Or- CEO of OCTOPUS
Baruch Tagori - CTO and Co-Founder of OCTOPUS
Scott Frigaard - Smart+Safe Cities Strategist at Convergint Technologies

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