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MultiNFT pushes token sale date as their CEO flees from Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

After launching $MNFT token and opening its Rage nightclub in Decentraland, MultiNFT also announces the purchase of new properties across four other Metaverse platforms, including The Sandbox and Somnium Space

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Kyiv, Ukraine, March 2022MultiNFT, an NFT platform connecting musicians and artists with their fans through an interactive and curated Metaverse experience, announces the delay of its VIP token presale launch because its CEO, Guy Goldenberg, is on the run following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The limited token sale was initially scheduled for February 28 but has been pushed back until March 17, with staking to start on March 3.

The lack of connectivity between different Metaverse platforms leads to the segmenting of different Metaverses into niche-like communities. This creates a lack of diverse experiences among many of the major Metaverse platforms, much to the dismay of hardcore industry enthusiasts. Despite differences that exist between the platforms and their users, there is always a high demand for live-music events that Metaverse platforms are able to easily facilitate.

Following the recent opening of MultiNFT’s Rage nightclub, in the heart of Decentraland’s Festival District, the club will celebrate with an official Launch Party on March 12. In addition to Decentraland, the MultiNFT ecosystem is now expanding to four other Metaverse platforms:

  • Cryptovoxels: Brand new MultiNFT Club is open, serving as a 24-hour lounge featuring “chillout” music, an NFT art gallery, with a nice view from the Cryptovoxol coast looking out at “MultiNFT Island.” MultiNFT also just opened their new headquarters, MultiNFT Center, providing information on upcoming projects and events, virtual community meetings, NFTs, and nightclub events. 
  • Somnium Space: MultiNFT’s first VR nightclub in the metaverse opening soon.
  • The Sandbox: MultiNFT has purchased land and is currently building a unique electronic music club, which will host adventure quest games, to open in the near future.
  • Netvrk: Land purchased, building to start in the near future. 

MultiNFT’s VIP token presale will be exclusively for a limited number of NFT holders, with the sale to be capped at 21 million $MNFT. The week after the presale, MultiNFT will have an $MNFT airdrop, followed by a token launchpad later in March, on a platform to be determined later. In April, the $MNFT will debut on several decentralized exchanges (DEXs), with a launch on centralized exchanges (CEXs) to take place in April or May.   

MultiNFT leads the Metaverse-clubbing revolution, featuring live performances from some of the best bands and DJs in the metal and techno scenes. Leveraging its music-industry connections and expertise, MultiNFT offers fans the unique opportunity to experience a rich nightclub life inside multiple Metaverse platforms. MultiNFT has cultivated a unique community of Metaverse and NFT enthusiasts alongside crypto supporters and fans of techno and metal. The $MNFT, launched as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, powers the MultiNFT ecosystem, which provides its users with a well-crafted VR-powered gaming experience along with its own NFT collection.  

“Our token presale launch rewards our NFT holders by allowing them to purchase the $MNFT at a special price,” says Guy Goldenberg, CEO of MultiNFT. “This is a great opportunity for our dedicated community members to invest in our platform at a great value.”

“We now have two amazing nightclubs, in two separate Metaverse platforms, hosting amazing live-music shows with some of the biggest names in Techno and Metal,” says Max Hatchwell, Founder of MultiNFT. “Additionally, we will be renting out our nightclubs to host amazing collections and brands who want to create their own unique Metaverse events.”


Founded in 2018, when it deployed the first-ever NFT membership for multi games and community experiences, MultiNFT is building a unique and interactive experience to the growing Metaverse domain. With a rapidly growing number of subscribers and its own token launch, MultiNFT has purchased prime real estate inside Decentraland, a metaverse platform, featuring the Rage nightclub, serving as a 24-hour party venue, where some of the world’s biggest DJs and most famous names in techno and metal will perform. MultiNFT also develops NFTs in collaboration with prominent artists and brands. MultiNFT is active in Sandbox and other metaverse platforms. With its $MNFT token, users are able to play mini-games, purchase NFT art, explore the Metaverse, and more. To find out more visit:


Guy Goldenberg - CEO and Founder
Max Hatchwell - Founder

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