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LayerAI unveils its VPN solution and reward system for unparalleled anonymity and security

Specializing in AI-driven data monetization, LayerAI’s advanced ecosystem offers universal security, user-friendly design, innovative rewards, and enhanced capabilities to ensure secure online experiences

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Central Europe, January 9th, 2024 LayerAI, the dedicated blockchain network for data monetization within AI models, launches its proprietary virtual private network (VPN), LayerVPN, which offers a comprehensive solution for secure and rewarded online experiences within the dedicated blockchain network, enhanced by an innovative reversal scheme.

In November 2023, public disclosures unveiled over 519 million compromised records in 470 security breaches, approaching an annual total of 6 billion. The rising demand for heightened digital privacy and security, amid risks like data interception and intrusive tracking, highlights the compelling need for protective measures. The critical reliance on user data by AI models emphasizes the urgent requirement for tools ensuring anonymity and shielding sensitive information, especially given vulnerabilities on public Wi-Fi networks and widespread website tracking.

LayerVPN addresses the vulnerability of data interception on public Wi-Fi networks by encrypting internet traffic, ensuring universal security on all devices. It prioritizes seamless adoption, connectivity, and browsing speed without compromising on security. Users entering the LayerAI Economy App through their LayerVPN account can seamlessly earn rewards, acquire Data Capsule NFTs, and engage in the LayerAI social hub. LayerAI emphasizes genuine user support through human-centric customer service, swiftly addressing issues for a frictionless online experience.

Additionally, concealing IP addresses ensures user anonymity, mitigating the risks associated with intrusive tracking by websites and apps. Through these protective measures, LayerVPN contributes significantly to creating a more secure online environment, aligning with the imperative need for enhanced digital privacy and defense against threats.

LayerAI empowers users with unprecedented control over their data, providing monetization opportunities. LayerVPN reinforces this empowerment by ensuring enhanced online security while retaining user autonomy. Spearheading a transformative digital journey, LayerAI’s leading ecosystem includes a zkRollup Layer-2 blockchain prioritizing universal security. 

LayerVPN guarantees a safeguarded online experience, KyotoX serves as an avant-garde DeFi hub, and LayerMarketplace supports various applications, including the exchange of Data Capsule NFTs. Users earn reward tokens for online activities, with the Data Economy App uniquely connecting them to lucrative opportunities, facilitating the monetization of their data. This holistic approach, encompassing KyotoX’s DeFi capabilities and Layer Marketplace’s NFT transactions, underscores LayerAI’s unwavering commitment to user empowerment, security, and community building.

“As we pioneer AI on Ethereum’s layer-2, LayerAI is reshaping the digital landscape with our community-driven vision,” says a senior executive at LayerAI. “Introducing LayerVPN, we prioritize not only fortifying digital security but also fostering a vibrant user community. Our VPN, ensuring encrypted internet traffic and user anonymity, reflects LayerAI’s dedication to creating a safer, more private, and collectively rewarding online experience.”


LayerAI, Ethereum’s layer-2 dedicated to AI development, uniquely integrates AI applications with mass adoption-driven tokenization via $LAI. Unlike other blockchain-based AI projects, LayerAI focuses on broad consumer adoption through apps, successfully entering markets like gaming, fitness, education, and travel. Utilizing web3 native marketing channels, LayerAI has established a strong foothold, paving the way for upcoming ecosystem products, including Data Capsule NFT, Launcher, SDK, and Core. 

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