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Invictus Capital unveils the modern investor: A German engineer in it for the big bucks

Invictus Capital releases survey data revealing the modern crypto investor, including their exchange of choice and frequency of investing

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Cayman Islands, May 2021Invictus Capital, the alternative investment firm offering dollar-backed, blockchain-based investment funds, releases its latest survey data on the modern investor profile with interests in crypto. With data compiled from a pool of investors from around the world, Invictus Capital reveals the average user to be a Western European or American, a newbie to crypto markets, and motivated more by high returns. 

The persona of a crypto investor has long been stereotyped as the libertarian firebrand surfing the dark web for the best information on the latest crypto buy-in trends. But as crypto becomes more popular, that stereotype is becoming less and less accurate. Today’s investor resembles a 35-year-old German engineer named Günther. He derives his crypto investing information from YouTube, because he values learning how to generate high returns on his investment more than the idealism of cutting out the middleman.

The firm, which targeted 60 countries, surveyed respondents on a variety of questions that shed more light on the global cryptocurrency investor persona, extracting the following insights:

  • Germany takes top spot: The country with the highest percentage of alternative investors was Germany at 14.1 percent, while the U.S. and Spain took second and third spots respectively with 7.7 and 6.8 percent each. Turkey, a country well documented for its crypto ownership, came in fourth with 4.8 percent.
  • Binance is king: Sixty-nine percent of those surveyed listed Binance as their exchange of choice. Coinbase came in second at 42.6 percent, with Kraken a distant third at just over 13 percent.
  • Week in, week out: Nearly 40 percent of respondents marked that they invest on a weekly basis, while an additional 34.3 percent said they invest monthly. Only 7.7 percent said they invest once a year.

Invictus Capital offers a variety of investment funds to its investors, including crypto index funds, gold, renewable energy, and venture capital. The firm aspires to expand the audience for crypto fund investment around the world and open opportunities for institutional investors.

“We created the survey with the intent to rediscover who the latest crypto fund investor is and what their interests are, painting the broader picture of this niche sector,” says Daniel Schwartzkopff, CEO of Invictus Capital. “Our survey clearly demonstrates the crypto investment landscape is drawing the attention of more sophisticated investors, which will ultimately shift virtual assets more and more toward the mainstream and lead to broader institutional participation.”

Check out Invictus’s full survey results here:


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Founded in 2017, Invictus Capital is grounded in the idea that investment should be democratized, made more affordable, and conscientious. Using blockchain technology and a scientific-data approach to radically transform the investment industry, Invictus Capital allows investors to own a diversified portfolio of alternative assets and reach ambitious investment objectives.


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