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Humanz leverages AI to help brands find the right influencers

The Humanz platform empowers marketers to find the micro-influencers that will benefit them most through machine learning, making influencer marketing safer, more scalable, and more predictable

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Tel Aviv, June, 2021Humanz, an AI-powered platform for micro-influencer campaigns, optimizes connections between marketers and content creators using advanced techniques in artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms. The company’s proprietary impressions data analyzes billions of content pieces and social media profiles to identify true influencers and fake followers, as defined by the marketers in their initial stages of their campaigns. Humanz has raised $3M in seed funding from private investors, with NGN Partners and Buffett Group leading the round, and received a $1M grant from the Israeli Chief Scientist.

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing segments of digital advertising, with forecasted annual growth of 32.4 percent between 2019 and 2024. The roles of influencers and marketers are converging, as they both have much to gain from one another. Influencers need ways to monetize their brand, and marketers are looking for opportunities to capitalize on the knowledge, skills, and community of the influencers for greater exposure of the product or service being sold. But while influencer marketing can be one of the most cost-effective methods for customer acquisition, it is also fraught with challenges and risks for marketers, including limited and unreliable data, fraud concerns, and difficulties in tracking ROI. On the other hand, influencers themselves must overcome not having direct access to brands, a supply of fragmented tools, and limited formal marketing knowledge.

Unlike most other influencer marketing platforms, the Humanz platform was uniquely created from the ground up, and is non-reliant on any API access. It bridges the gap between marketers and influencers of every tier, from micro-influencers, to experts, to celebrities and ambassadors. Humanz serves as a tool for discovery and direct influencer engagement—thereby fixing the broken elements of influencer marketing, including the lack of transparency, lack of audience demographics, and fraud. The platform allows marketers to make data-driven decisions based on influencer specifications tailored to marketing needs, including gender, age, interests, demographics, previous content shared, and quality of followers. Influencers can access parts of their own data, meet other creators, and participate in paid campaigns—all by simply registering. The engagement and collaborations between all parties on the platform is done in a smart, safe, efficient, and measurable way. 

“Between marketers and content creators alike, we have seen tremendous growth since our launch back in 2018,” says Liav Refael Chen, Co-Founder and CEO of Humanz. “Marketers appreciate the software for making each element of influencer marketing campaign management more data-driven. The creators appreciate deep insights on their audiences, and access to collaboration tools. Everyone gains exactly what they need by helping one another.”


Founded by five veterans of the elite Intelligence Corps Unit 8200 of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Humanz is an AI-powered platform that makes influencer marketing accessible, reliable and trustworthy for marketers and influencers. The solution addresses the major pain point of marketers being able to identify, in large scale, relevant and authenticated content creators; and to thereafter manage an entire campaign process from influencer selection, content approval, payment and ROI analytics on a single platform. Leading global multinational clients have chosen to use Humanz, including McDonalds, Kimberly-Clark, Zara, L’Oréal, Nestlé, Unilever, Group M, Omnicom and Universal McCann. Humanz has expanded rapidly across territories to satisfy customer demand, with operations in Israel, South Africa, Turkey, Nigeria, Brazil, and the UK- with U.S operations set to launch in the near future.


Liav Chen - Co-founder & CEO
Eliran Moyal - Co-founder & CTO

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