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Monoverse unveils Frutti Dino NFT giveaway between now and New Year’s Eve

Monoverse, the parent company of the NFT play-to-earn game Frutti Dino, offers 15 limited-edition Frutti Dino NFTs with a special Christmas tag, only available between now and New Year’s Eve

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Seoul, Korea, December 2021—Monoverse, a blockchain-game developer that created the play-to-earn NFT game Frutti Dino, announces its Christmas NFT giveaway. Fifteen lucky NFT enthusiasts have an opportunity to win limited-edition Frutti Dinos.

To participate in the giveaway, Frutti Dino enthusiasts need to first click this link to join in the fun. Then they will need to enter their name and email address to sign up for the event. Users will need to then fill out and check off all six items on the to-do list:   

  1. Enter a BSC-based wallet address
  2. visit the Frutti Dino website and “Like” Frutti Dino on Facebook 
  3. Move to Telegram to join the official Frutti Dino channel and the announcement channel
  4. Follow and retweet @FruittiDino on Twitter
  5. Join the Discord and Medium channels 
  6. Invite friends to participate

The special Christmas tag will promote the NFT’s rarity, and additional features will be added to the Dino’s statistics as the game continues. Monoverse will choose five people who invite the most friends to the various Frutti Dino social media channels. Another ten will be selected randomly for participating in the event. 

“We want to share the excitement of Frutti Dino with everyone, from crypto-newbies to NFT aficionados,” says Jaehyun Lee, CEO of Monoverse. “We knew having a Christmas giveaway would be a great time to get those who have been interested in NFTs involved, especially those that needed a push into the cryptosphere.” 


About Monoverse:

Monoverse is a new blockchain-based game developer made up of business experts and game developers from the 3N Korean game companies NCSOFT, NEXON, and Netmarble. The company’s game “Frutti Dino“ is one of the most awaited NFT Play-to-Earn games of 2022. Users are able to “grow” their dinosaurs from the egg stage through adulthood.


Jaehyun Lee - CEO
Ted Kim - CSO
Jay Norris - CPO

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