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As COVID-19 spreads, DreaMed Diabetes unveils virtual diabetes management service to treat people with type 1 diabetes remotely

DreaMed's virtual diabetes management service provides people with diabetes remote access to medical-professional care for treatment across the U.S.

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Petah Tikvah, Israel, April 2020DreaMed Diabetes Ltd., the developer of personalized diabetes management solutions announces the launch of a virtual diabetes management service to treat people with type 1 diabetes remotely. The virtual diabetes management service gives people with type 1 diabetes access to medical professionals ensuring treatment remains unaffected by widespread COVID-19-induced quarantines.

As of March 2020, COVID-19 has struck at least 150 countries and infected more than 1,000,000 people, according WHO figures. Although most healthy people might find themselves at low risk for complications by contracting COVID-19, others are far more vulnerable. The CDC reported that people with chronic medical conditions, including diabetes, are at greater risk of complications should they contract the virus, and as a result, patients with diabetes have been forced to skip routine visits with healthcare professionals and neglect their treatment. DreaMed Diabetes remote-care virtual diabetes management service assists people with diabetes in these difficult circumstances.

DreaMed virtual diabetes management service enables people with diabetes to receive easy, reliable treatment from a distance, allowing them to stay safe from potential infection in public areas. The virtual diabetes management service will utilize the DreaMed Advisor decision support technology to improve the insulin management treatment of patients.

DreaMed Advisor is an advanced decision-support tool, which generates insulin-delivery recommendations by analyzing the patient’s insulin and glucose data in the platform’s algorithm. Advisor applies event-driven adaptive learning to refine its understanding for each individual case. The solution, which was evaluated at a multi-center study at Joslin Diabetes Center, the University of Florida, Yale University, and Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes, provides recommendations to the healthcare provider on how to optimize a patient’s insulin pump settings for basal rate, carbohydrate ratio, and correction factor (insulin sensitivity). 

“We are very proud to be launching our virtual diabetes management service, continuing our mission to provide healthcare professionals with a reliable, automated decision-support tool that empowers every patient with the best care possible,” says DreaMed Co-Founder and CEO Eran Atlas. “With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the globe, we realize more than ever the need to have remote, telemedicine treatment options to ensure as many people as possible, especially those with diabetes, are safe from potential infection and have access to the care they need.”

Patients can register for DreaMed Diabetes’ virtual diabetes management service on the website:


DreaMed Diabetes is a medical device company providing personalized diabetes treatment optimization solutions. The company was established in 2014 and commercialized its first product, GlucoSitter, an artificial pancreas technology which was licensed to Medtronic Diabetes. Ever since, DreaMed Diabetes has been vigorously working on the DreaMed Advisor portfolio, decision-support tools in the diabetes management space. DreaMed became the first and only company in the world to receive a CE Mark and FDA clearance for DreaMed Advisor Pro, a decision-support system in Type I diabetes patients using data from CGM/SMBG and insulin pumps. The company is continuing to develop the DreaMed Advisor portfolio, which will aid all people living with diabetes-no matter the insulin therapy or diabetes type-and their healthcare professionals to provide personalized insulin therapy. For more information please visit


Eran Atlas, Co-Founder and CEO
Prof. Moshe Phillip, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer
Dr. Revital Nimri, Co-Founder and Chief Medical R&D Officer
Eldad Postan, COO

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