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DOP raises $162M in 9th largest token sale of all time, redefining Web3 data ownership ahead of upcoming mainnet launch

Thanks to unprecedented community support, the historic Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) token sale legitimizes its vision of curbing public blockchain over-transparency by empowering users to control their on-chain data

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Tel Aviv, April 2, 2024 — Data Ownership Protocol (DOP), a pioneering Ethereum-based protocol enabling users to control their visible data using zero-knowledge cryptography, secures $162 million in a massively successful pre-launch token sale of its $DOP token. The now-completed token sale represents the ninth-largest of all time, supporting the protocol’s objective of promoting on-chain data transparency by expanding its overall operations and forging meaningful partnerships as the team prepares for its upcoming mainnet launch later this month/May 2024

DOP is the first blockchain-based product to let wallet holders decide what assets to show, curbing the phenomenon of over-transparency from public blockchains by enabling users to control their financial data. Transcending a protocol, DOP works to establish a more just, transparent, and equitable digital landscape. With the mainnet launch just around the corner, DOP plans to introduce major changes to how data is perceived and managed in the digital age. 

The milestone token sale underpins DOP’s collective belief to leverage blockchain technology to integrate selective transparency and let users choose what information to encrypt and share, striking a balance between privacy and transparency. DOP’s vast and vibrant community of 2.7 million testnet users also played a significant role in the token sale, affirming the value and need for user-controlled data in Web3. 

As a pro-regulation platform, DOP is committed to operating within existing and future compliance frameworks. The team believes cooperation and collaboration with regulatory bodies are essential for the long-term success and stability of Web3. DOP achieves this by leveraging advanced technologies such as zk-SNARKs and ECDSA solutions to validate transactions without revealing the underlying data, ensuring both privacy and regulatory compliance.

“First of all, we must express immense gratitude to our dedicated community for this remarkable achievement,” says Kohji Hirokado, Co-Founder at DOP. “During our testnet launch, our community was instrumental in helping the team shore up the protocol’s features and identify any possible vulnerabilities, and that continued invaluable support is responsible for this token sale. It’s been a while since the crypto world has seen a token sale quite like this, and it underscores our innovative approach to data ownership. By leveraging blockchain technology, we aim to empower individuals with complete control over their data, ensuring privacy, security, and the opportunity to partake in the value it generates.”


About DOP:

DOP (Data Ownership Protocol) is pioneering the way toward a future where individuals have full control over their digital information. Through its innovative blockchain-based protocol, DOP aims to empower users worldwide with the means to securely manage their data while participating in the value it creates. With its mainnet launch forthcoming, DOP is well-positioned to transform the digital economy by prioritizing user sovereignty and data integrity.


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