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Aniview unveils an end-to-end ad-ops service to boost publishers video ad revenues

In addition to its one-stop-shop for video advertising technology, Aniview is now leveraging its wide range of experience in order to fully manage publishers’ ad monetization

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New York, August 2021—Aniview, a leading provider of holistic video advertising solutions for publishers and networks, unveils its end-to-end advertising operations service for direct publishers. The service is an extension of Aniview’s one-stop-shop for video ads, taking optimization off the publisher’s plate and offering best practices for ad operations. With Aniview’s technology and unique features, publishers can boost revenues and yield.

In today’s highly competitive publishing landscape, managing online assets is a full-time job. It requires companies to invest a multitude of resources into ensuring their content is visible, interesting and up-to-date, along with managing aggressive user acquisition, SEO, data and content compliance, and many other aspects all done in an effort to bring users onboard and keep them coming back. As an outcome, companies have less time, if any, to invest in monetization, which is the financial base for all the above. This leads to inflated fees,  outsourced management, and little visibility into the gross revenues and the true value potential of an operation.

Aniview’s proprietary technology enables publishers to minimize third-party costs drastically. This means publishers gain complete control and visibility of their entire monetization strategy when using the Aniview platform. All activity on the platform is transparent since Aniview does not practice a black-box approach and all publisher partners are assigned with highly experienced account managers to ensure they meet all the goals and targets. The company’s offering includes a favorable revenue share model for publishers accessing the Aniview marketplace while offering an extremely competitive CPM tech fee based on served impressions only for the usage of Aniview’s self-managed platform.

The platform includes proprietary and patented video-ad player, mobile-apps SDK, seamless header bidding integration, a high-performance ad server, marketplace, CTV/OTT auction, and SSAI.

“We’ve just begun rolling out this new service, and our publishers are already seeing exciting results,” says Alon Carmel, CEO of Aniview. “Instead of getting scraps from other platforms, publishers can trust us to help them get the revenue and exposure they need.”


About Aniview

Founded in 2013, Aniview provides a full ecosystem for managing video and video advertisements through its patented technology. Our goal is to change the video advertising landscape and have premium publishers, networks, and advertisers globally use our suite of products and enjoy an end-to-end solution. Our offering includes a reliable platform for video hosting and monetization (Adserver, Players, SDK, and Marketplace) which allows our partners to widen the reach of their services with versatile and customizable marketing tools that suit their business needs.

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Roy Cohen - CTO
Efrat Shapiro - CFO

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